Book Review

Book Review

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Shalamar’s editors will write a review of your book that can be used in marketing and promotional materials. While the nature of the review will depend on the story, our reviews will be at least 300 words long and will include specific feedback on the different facets of your book.

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Please email your story in PDF or EPUB format to! We will not accept stories sent in Kindle, Word, Pages, or any other format.

Book Review Terms: We will write a review of at least 300 words that you can use for marketing purposes. We do not guarantee good reviews. The nature of each review is based on the quality of the story. If your book receives a fair or poor review, we will not publicize the review. We will not offer refunds to writers who are unhappy with receiving negative reviews. If your book receives a good or excellent review, we may post parts of our review to our website as examples of our work.