Partners & Resources

This is a list of companies that Shalamar has worked with, has connections to, or otherwise recommends for writers (and in some cases, for general hobbyists). We only include resources that we have tried ourselves and have been happy enough with to put our name behind and recommend to our own clients. Feel free to avail yourself of these resources even if you aren't involved with Shalamar, but tell them we sent you! (We do not get paid in any way for the vast majority of these links; we have them here because we like them. Exceptions will be marked with an asterisk.)

Publishing Partners

Sparrow Designs -- A talented and versatile artist, this Black Sparrow specializes in art that celebrates the culture of the African diaspora. She designed the cover art for Sovereign and is also the genius behind Shalamar's Bird logo.

Twilight Designs -- Twila Dickinson, a professional photographer and artist, makes cover design and other art that could be used for marketing and promotional purposes. She designed the cover for Vigil by Jerry Glas.

A Writer's Path* -- This author-forward writers' club offers support, coaching, and discounts for many writer services (including Shalamar's) to its members. (If you sign up, please tell them we sent you! Use affiliate code SH6T53.)

Publishing Resources

August Rose Press -- A publishing house based in Albany, NY.

Gorham Printing -- Reliable and cost-effective book printers located in the Pacific Northwest. Shalamar's offices are in New Orleans, so the distance alone should show how much we recommend them!

Jane Friedman -- Publishing expert and consultant who regularly shares publishing advice on her website as well as on her email list, Electric Speed.

Publishizer -- A crowdfunding platform that matches authors with publishers.

Writers Helping Writers -- A website run by writers providing resources running from characterization ideas to publishing advice. Subscribe to their email list for great ideas straight to your inbox!

General Partners & Interests

AK Kerani -- Through this forward-thinking company, Danielle Kerani fosters conversations about mental health advocacy, with intitiatives like incorporating knitting into corporate environments. Bonus: Check out her fantastic hand-made scarves, hats, and more via Atindra Designs.

ANEW Network -- A media platform designed around women of color, offering original, curated content.

The Eccentric Foodie -- Culinary genius Kimmie Merriam shares recipes, reviews, and grocery savings on her regularly-updated blog.

Glowbug Entertainment -- A creative production outfit that provides gaming-fueled entertainment, including an improv show based around tabletop gaming.

Memento Mori -- Text-based role-playing game set during the decline of Venice.

Mythic Frontier -- Text-based role-playing game featuring a Wild West setting, magic, and the Cthulhu mythos.

Nel-Nelart -- Ingenious artist who specializes in characters, incorporating creative measures such as line art. Nelson created the Connected, Inc character art.

Novlr -- Novel-writing software that runs on a subscription basis, flush with handy features.

RPG-Directory -- This directory primarily lists text-based roleplays, but solid writing advice and graphic design support can also be found here.

Storyist -- Powerful, flexible writing software that syncs well between MacOS and iOS.

Submittable -- Application and submission software with a friendly crew and a knack for creating engaging emails.

TV Tropes -- That enduring bastion of writing tools and cliches. When you browse here, prepare to spend hours learning about the intricate signs and signals used in writing.


Donating To Shalamar

Shalamar keeps a number of initiatives running, including the Storyville podcast that offers writing and publishing advice, the Resouces listed above and the Publishing FAQs, and outreach programs designed to make authorship more readily accessible for writers from underrepresented or marginalized communities. If you'd like to assist us in these efforts, or if you just like what we're doing, please use the button below to make a charitable donation. Some donation levels come with varying levels of recognition for individuals and businesses.

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