What Is Editing?

Editing is a service that polishes an author’s manuscript, giving the manuscript a professional feel and pointing out any errors that might detract from the reading experience. A trained editor will pay special and specific attention to each manuscript, offering improvements while maintaining each author’s unique storytelling voice. We highly recommend that all authors have their manuscripts edited by professionals at least once, whether the author is self-publishing or signed to an independent house. Some indie publishers will have their own editors on staff.

Elements Of Editing Services

Shalamar offers three levels of editing: Developmental Editing, Line Editing, and Proofreading.

Proofreading is a very basic form of editing; it checks for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Its most significant benefit comes in offering fresh eyes to the manuscript. We often catch mistakes like misspelled character names, simply because when an author looks over his manuscript, he often sees what he expects to see instead of what is actually there!

Line Editing goes a step further by also studying syntax and word use line by line. It also includes suggestions on sentence and paragraph structure. This level is especially helpful to authors who are almost ready to publish or submit their works for representation.

Also called “copy editing” and “content editing,” Developmental Editing covers consistency, accuracy, characterizations, story structure, and anything else relevant to the plot of your story. In most cases, the editor will include a style sheet that breaks down her suggested changes by subject, character and/or chapter.

We include Diversity Feedback with all of our editing services. All of our editors are women of color, and we point out flaws related to cultural representation and identity by default.

You might also be interested in Beta Reading, which is the first editing step, coming before you send your manuscript to any professionals. We recommend that authors have beta-reads done by family members and acquaintances, so we do not offer that service.

How To Book Editing Services

For all of our editing services, we charge a flat fee for the first 50,000 words of your manuscript, then $0.01 per word after that. For example, if your manuscript is 73,242 words long, and you would like to book Line Editing, then your rate will include an initial deposit of $500 and an additional charge of $232.42.

To secure editing services with us, please use the Schedule Services page to choose the type of service you need and submit the respective deposit. Then, please email your manuscript to editors@shalamarmedia.com. We will assign you an editor (or you can request one), and the editor will complete a full edit of your manuscript, usually within 10 to 14 days. Once the edit is complete, the editor will contact you to arrange the remainder of the payment, and send the edited manuscript upon receipt of that remainder.

If you would like us to edit a work that has fewer than 50,000 words, please contact us directly before you book a service or submit payment. We occasionally edit essays, dissertations, short stories, and novellas.

We can edit manuscripts from all mainstream genres and most niche ones. This does include erotica.

We ask for deposits ahead of any editing job. This assures us that each author is serious and does intend to follow through with the job. You can find more information on deposits and payments among our Terms and Conditions.

We do not offer “sample edits.”

Please contact us with any questions or to request alternate arrangements.