Beta Test: $100 Edits

Greetings, and happy summer!

I'm testing out a new system for my author services company, Shalamar. Our mission has always been to provide top-quality services like editing and marketing to authors, whether you're rich enough to afford fancy editing packages or not. So, for our next step toward that effort, we're going to offer manuscript editing services on a sliding pay scale.

For now, we're going to test the sliding-scale system from now until the end of August. Under this system, authors will be able to pay what they can afford for editing, proofreading, and website design, starting at $100 in most cases. There will be incentives such as future discounts and book promotion for authors who pay more than the base price, to help offset those who wouldn't be able to afford editing otherwise.

There are a couple of stipulations for this:
1) All authors are expected to put down a deposit of half their cost upfront, with the other half to be paid ahead of job delivery.
2) Authors will also be asked to fill out a quick survey about their experience and to give feedback on the sliding-scale program.

All of the edit jobs that go for less than the recommended rate will be handled by me personally, rather than one of Shalamar's other editors (and others might be done by me as well).

The incentive program is still in progress, but we will keep you updated as more are added. We’re also happy for recommendations and ideas!

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. As always, the list of services is here.

Happy writing!