30 July 2018: Updates

What's new at Shalamar this summer?

Deborah's next book, Connected, Inc., will be released on July 31 (tomorrow!!). You can find the ebook online at our Store, and also at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play Books, and the iBookstore. The print book is now in limited release and can only be preordered; you can expect the next batch in mid-September or later. If you need something to tide you over ’til then, she also has writing projects that she’s updating regularly on Wattpad.

We’ve expanded our author services as well. You can now also come to Shalamar for marketing assistance, including press kits, physical freebies, and Squarespace website design! The press kits include press releases, resumes, book reviews, and other written materials drafted by our editing team. You can also order some of those items separately.

Also, you heard it here first: We’re planning a video series to accompany our prior podcast on writing, editing, and publishing! We will start producing episodes in the next month or two, and if so, the episodes should air by the end of the year. Like the podcast, all episodes will be available for free. Keep an eye on our website for details, or you can join our mailing list for details.

In the meantime, you can also get some learning in via the Moynacorp blog, where Christian Moynahan and his team are sharing some important facts on topics like net neutrality, data privacy, and the importance of inclusion to technological development. And, of course, you can catch up with Christian’s hijinks in Connected, Inc., where he finds himself illustrating all of the worst practices in tech.

Happy reading and happy writing!