23 March 2018: Updates

It hasn't been a particularly momentous month here at Shalamar; sometimes, publishing just comes down to waiting. Waiting for the book to be ready, waiting for the marketing partners to answer, and so on.

But we do have a few things to celebrate! First up:

Now that Shalamar is on Google's list of publishers, future releases will also be available through them. We hope to include Connected, Inc and other upcoming books in pre-releases, or to at least have them available through Google on the release date.

Speaking of Connected...

  • Connected, Inc has a new release date of May 16/July 31, 2018.

The book is still going through editing and will likely not be ready for a full release by May 16. However, we plan to have advance copies available in mid-May for reviewers and for BookExpo and BookCon, which we will be attending. July 31 represents a hard release date for which books will be available nationwide. We don't expect to push the date back any farther since it's almost a year late now, but it's still early enough in the process that anything can happen.

What about other books? you ask. Well:

  • New Orleans Supernatural Weekly will be released in ebook format throughout 2018.

The series will be collected in four volumes. Volume I: Conspirators will include the first "Letter From the Editor" through "Danse Macabre"; Volume II: Adversaries will be comprised of "The Adversary" through "Bury the Lede"; Volume III: Leviathans will have "Cura Te Ipsum" through "The Sound Of War"; and Volume IV: Authorities will include "Outposts" through" Twilight's End," plus the 12 Nights Of Christmas stories. These volumes will be released in June, August, October, and December, respectively. For the moment, you can still find all of the NOSPN stories at Channillo.

Additional releases of Deborah Dixon's books are expected for the latter half of 2018; keep an eye out for those. A few books by other as-yet unreleased authors are in the pipeline but may not be ready until 2019.

'Til then, please enjoy this Spotify playlist (opens in app) curated for Connected, Inc. Follow Shalamar on Spotify to be the first to hear new playlists related to Deborah's and other books -- they might wind up being relevant....

See you in April for more updates!