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Reaching Broad New Audiences

Shalamar also provides advertising opportunities for small businesses. We have plenty of options depending on what sort of product or service you're offering, the size of your budget, and the length of time you're looking for. We also offer convenient packages that include all of our options. Please reach out to Deborah at to arrange advertising for your business.

Our options are listed below. Please note the following terms that apply to all businesses we associate with:

  • Companies and individuals must be involved in legal and ethical business practices. We won't work with any businesses that are breaking local, state, federal, or Internet laws.
  • Advertisements cannot link to websites that contain explicit content. Links to mature content are fine as long as the site posts notices making visitors aware of that mature content.
  • Images cannot contain any form of explicit content, including language, violence, nudity, or sexual content.
  • All advertising contracts will follow established advertising and Internet guidelines as applicable in the United States of America.
  • We regret that we are unable to link to websites in languages other than English or Spanish at this time.
  • Shalamar will verify all websites and businesses to ensure that they are legitimate, and we do reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.
  • We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. Shalamar does not release any customer details to any third parties.

Advertising Options

Footer Banner on Homepage

88x31: 1 month Free // 3 months Free // 6 months Free

200x100: 1 month $25 // 3 months // $70 6 months $125

Link on Partners page

Hyperlink with brief text description: 1 month $10 // 3 months $25 // 6 months $50

Image on Partners page
200x100: 1 month $25 // 3 months $70 // 6 months $125

Email newsletter (sent to Shalamar customers and partners)

Link only: 1 month $50 // 3 months $125 // 6 months $250

Image and link: 1 month $100 // 3 months $250 // 6 months $500

Mention as Sponsor of Storyville podcast
Sponsor 1 episode $100 // Sponsor 1 series (5 episodes) $450 // Sponsor 3 series (15 episodes) $1400

Social media -- Shalamar and Deboracracy accounts
1 day of mentions $50 // 1 week of mentions $200 // 1 month of mentions $950

1 month Footer Banner, Partner Banner, email newsletter; 1 week podcast, social media
3 month Footer Banner, Partner Banner, email newsletter; 2 weeks podcast, social media
6 months Footer Banner, Partner Banner, email newsletter; 1 month podcast, social media

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions!